Phone Number: 03445560280

According to our reports, this number belongs to Cabot Financial, a debt collecting company that tries to collect unsecured debts from you.

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Information about 03445560280

The people who have called you from 03445560280 are most likely debt collectors or bailiffs.

They usually call you to recover debt for credit cards, utility bills, or even parking fines or council tax debt.

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CABOT FINANCIAL DEBT COLLECTORS Making home visits next. I need to get my breathing space reference number to stop them, they say. contacting this site to sort

Didn't answer as came up as a spam number. Where have they got my number from?

Called on a Saturday Morning asking for me by name and asking me to clear security by giving name and address details they refused to tell me what it was about so I refused to give any details, they suggested I check them out on line as Cabot Financial I told them I didn’t want whatever they were selling and hung up. I have a fully satisfied IVA and Court papers to prove it if they pester me I will take legal action against them.

What the FCA say.... Whilst we don't have any specific rules to state how many times the firm can contact you, we would expect them to adhere to our rules and guidelines in our handbook. We have High Level Principles outlined in the FCA Handbook which includes PRIN 2, relating to skill, care and diligence. PRIN 6, treating customers fairly, and PRIN 7, communicating information to consumers in a way which is clear, fair and not misleading.

Parasites, I told them to FOFF, get a real job. scumbags

theyve phoned several times, asking for a sharon richards , told them u got the wrong number

who 8s yj9s number bel9ngs too

They just hung up..But I'm male and the phone line is'nt in my name and in my partners .


Very persistent even when told only deal with written communication

Another Cabot number, it's like the third they've used calling me to harass

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