Phone Number: 03335565570

According to our reports, this number belongs to Lowell Financial, a debt collecting company that tries to collect unsecured debts from you.

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Information about 03335565570

The people who have called you from 03335565570 are most likely debt collectors or bailiffs.

They usually call you to recover debt for credit cards, utility bills, or even parking fines or council tax debt.

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03335565570 Is the number for Lowell - - They are a legitimate debt collecting company that O2 use. I had the same issue, receiving texts thinking I’m someone else. Just ring them, or ring O2 and get them to put you through. Once the automated voice asks you for account info (that you obviously don’t have) just hold. You will then get through to an advisor who can remove your number from their stupid system.

Same as all others. They are asking about debt with a name I don't recognize. It's some kind of scam but I don't know how they are working it. I just ignore and delete the texts.

I just did an online chat with them and they seemed helpful in removing my number from the account. Similar to a lot of comments, the call is for someone else who used to have my number. You can do the online chat on Lowells website.

Had a text for a Mr Richard Burke to contact them about a personal matter. But a man called Richard did used to have this number, he sold it to EE and EE then gave it to me when I got a phone contract out 8 years ago, had a few calls asking for a Richard years ago so it could be legit.

I keep getting them contacting me, claiming I am someone I am not. Saying they want to help me and to contact them back. Been sending me them since last October. Tried to block them but nope.

I have just phoned them from my house phone number... hope it’s not a huge bill....? I have just put number into my contact list then blocked them as I’m not a Mr I just wanted to tell them to stop texting me....! I do hav a debt wit Lowell u see and just thought they had got the wrong name... but reading all this I thought let’s just block it...

Have never called back this number and have tried to block without success...why is it that these scammers can continually and repeatedly call... in this day and age technology should be used to put these people behind bars!

Same experience as the other people who have posted messages here. They say they are Lowell and want to work with me to help me pay off a debt for energy - when I asked what type of energy they said electricity or gas. They didn't seem to know and wanted bank details before they were prepared to go any further. Very aggressive, threatening court action, bailiffs, etc.

They have been sending’Mr Richard Jones’ text and phone calls for years. I keep telling them I’m not him.

About a debt I haven’t got a clue about

Numerous texts from them - all addressing me as Mr Carl North and saying they want to discuss a personal matter with me. I am not Carl North!


received "spam" text on ex partners mobile that scared her as she didn't know anything about who it was

Yes had the same,texts to someone who i definitely am not,I asked me to contact them so they can help me ? The only way they can help me is by stop being total ar.h.les. this world is full of this scamming ,they should be ashamed of themselves ,just got no morals.

I've received a number of text messages addressed to a person who is unknown to me. Ignore and delete messages.

Fed up with the texts .... as others have said can't block which is annoying Text messages get deleted straight away

Had a text from them saying to get in touch with them concerning the debt, but the person the text is addressed to, I have never heard of.

Had calls,letters, and numorous texts off this company saying i owe money on an old 02 contract. I have been with 02 since mobiles first came out, i still have the same number and i always pay my bills on time. This Lowell company is so annoying, i have blocked their phone numbers but can't stop these stupid texts...

texts from a debt collector

Keep getting a text message saying they need for me to respond to them and I am not the person the keep asking for I think its a scam to get you to answer and then charge you stupid money for the privilege, just ignore it

Had 2 text messages now from them over 2 months asking to be contacted but the name they ask for in the text is someone I have never heard of

Numerous text over last 3 month with wrong name can anything be done to stop this kind of text


Text msg every few months asking for another named person to contact them. No idea who the named person is - never heard of them. I've had my mobile number for over 10 years, just ignoring them.

Called my wife's mobile saying they needed to speak to a Miss Laura idea who she is. Ignoring it.

I've had about eight texts from this company saying they need to talk to me about an urgent , personal matter and to register with their firm. I know I owe not a single penny to anyone. I'm ignoring them. Can't block their number.

Had this text at 19:43pm & not the first time this happened, I kept blocking them & still keep getting them texts.

Got a couple of texts from them about my daughter's credit card debt. Don't know how they got my number but by all accounts best to get advice from an independent debt company than get involved with this lot.

Dere was call me like I need pay for mobile I need geve back 100 paund dis fine but when he start asking questions abut my work consul bill i think something wrong an I geve my home address what now

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