Phone Number: 01732280941

According to our reports, this number belongs to Cabot Financial, a debt collecting company that tries to collect unsecured debts from you.

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Information about 01732280941

The people who have called you from 01732280941 are most likely debt collectors or bailiffs.

They usually call you to recover debt for credit cards, utility bills, or even parking fines or council tax debt.

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Cabot financial and they wanted paying

Cabot financial and they wanted paying

Cabot financial and they wanted paying

This is Cabot chasing old debt which I didn't want to pay. Sorted now thanks to this site. All my 10k debt for £110/month with my new IVA. Will be leaving a 5 star review, would vote 6 stars if it was there!!!

Stop calling me please block this number

Stop calling me please block this number

Received today seems strange just changed my phone to Sky and now I am getting debt collection calls albeit number is blocked and sky are aware of this number. I just checked in my blocked numbers and they had blocked it for me as spam or scam. Yes I have debts, bills utilities and I have yet to fall behind I have no intention of answering and formally added to blocked list I suggest if you can block it- but someone needs to sort out debt collectors supposed to go for bad debt arrears court judgements not the ones that pay- words can not describe the contempt I have towards these people do your job properly

I have had the number ring me, but i ignored it like i do all numbers that i do not recognize in case its a scam to get to my money. I have never given my phone number to cabot financial, neither should they have been able to get it from anyone else. All debt collection firms are underhanded scams with no legal contractual rights to take money from anyone.

Seems to be Cabot. They have no contract nor authority to abuse DATA to Harrass. Reported as illegal scan via app Hiya. Experience found guilty od illegal data crimes. Sign petition www.ScamBuster.TV

For about the 10th time this week Cabot financial has called me on my mobile number, so annoying.

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