Phone Number: 01414283990

According to our reports, this number belongs to Cabot Financial, a debt collecting company that tries to collect unsecured debts from you.

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Information about 01414283990

The people who have called you from 01414283990 are most likely debt collectors or bailiffs.

They usually call you to recover debt for credit cards, utility bills, or even parking fines or council tax debt.

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they've left a message to my voicemail today with a reference number to call them back for a debt.. I don't have any debt so not calling them back. But it sounds genuine

This cal came at 4.46pm on 4 May 2021. It was left on my answering machine. Ref: # 334794. It stated that this is not a sales call. I have blocked this number.

Recorded message from Cabot

Cabot chasing debts up

I stupidly answered the call - they asked me to confirm date of birth and post code - they then said it must be related to a previous address as name and dob were right but address was wrong - they then said would I be willing to send them proof of address - I said no - they said unless you send us that then we cant tell you what the call is about and it will be ongoing - so I said fine, if you wont tell me what its about then I am not providing you with any other information - they were pleasant enough and not threatening at all - but I very nearly fell for the whole thing

Cabot Financial. Debt collection scammers, ignore and block

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