Moorcroft Debt Recovery

Who are Moorcroft Debt Recovery?

Moorcroft Debt Recovery Limited/Moorcroft Debt Recover PLC are a debt collection agency based in Stockport, Greater Manchester. They were incorporated in 1983, with the aim of collecting debts from both individuals and companies.

Who do Moorcroft collect for?

Can I write off Moorcroft debts?

It depends what the debt is for. Moorcroft are a legitimate debt collection company, template letters trying to use obscure loopholes hardly ever work. So what are your options for help with Moorcroft debt?

  • IVA – If you have over £5000 of debt in total, you may qualify for an IVA. This would wrap all of your unsecured debt into one manageable monthly payment to an Insolvency Practitioner (IP). The IP would then share your monthly payment out between the people you owe money to, but you would only pay back a percentage of the total debt. You would do this for 5 years and then at the end of the 5 years the rest of your debt would be completely written off.

Apply for an IVA

  • A payment plan – Debt collectors like Moorcroft purchase debts. This means that if you owed £1000 for an old phone bill, you may be able to set up a payment plan to pay back on a monthly instalment basis rather than pay it all in one large one-off payment. This could help you to budget whilst still paying back the debt. This option would not write off any of the debt, although it could be helpful if you are considering financial management.
  • Ignore it – We would never recommend that you ignore one of your past debts. If you decide to do this, you may have charges and interest added on. Sometimes the charge and interest on debts can be more than the debts themselves, which is why it is important to tackle debts head on.