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What is an IVA company?

An IVA company is a business which will set up and manage an Individual Voluntary Arrangement for a person who is in debt of more than £5000. The IVA company will deal with all creditors on your behalf, in line with the IVA protocol.

Best IVA Companies 2020

We have done extensive research over a number of years and we have compiled a list of the Best IVA companies in 2020:

  1. Vanguard Insolvency
  2. CreditFix
  3. Begbies Traynor
  4. Forrest King
  5. Bennett Jones
  6. Step Change
  7. Payplan

How to choose The best IVA company

We looked at the main factors:

  • Quickness
  • Free to set up
  • Must have the highest reviews
  • The lowest monthly payments
  • Completely confidential

We help you to compare all IVA companies without submitting your information to lots of companies. We use a panel of companies, based on a very strict criteria.

This ensures that not only do we get rave reviews, recommendations from friends and family and great press; it guarantees that your IVA will be set up to suit you perfectly. 

Your insolvency practitioner will follow a strict code of conduct and ensure that the arrangement you agree is fair to the people you owe money to.

You will easily be able to afford to make payments into the plan for the term of the IVA.

What qualities does the best IVA company in the UK have to have?

  • Be completely free – If you arrange an IVA through IVA Advice, you will not pay any upfront fees for an Individual Voluntary Arrangement. Ever. We only use free IVA companies.
  • IVA Reviews – The best indicator of how a company will perform is based on what their customers say about them. The best IVA companies are highly rated, this will usually mean future experiences with that company will also be high quality. If a company has negative reviews, or even a lack of positive reviews – we will not use them. Independent reviews must be visible on an established review website, such as Google or Trustpilot.
  • Cheapest IVA’s (Offer the lowest monthly payments) – Some IVA companies start their minimum IVA payment at levels which are unaffordable for people that are struggling with debt, this includes some debt charities and debt management companies. It is important that the IVA’s available have a very low minimum monthly payment, so most people can afford the monthly repayments even if their situations have recently changed. This is why we can put you in touch with companies which will offer you the cheapest iva’s in the UK.
  • Be well established – We will not deal with any companies which lack experience or have not been established for a number of years. An IVA is a legally binding debt solution, the IVA proposal has to be perfect before it reaches you. This takes a lot of experiences and being a well established company goes hand in hand.
  • Be online – We only deal with online companies. If the IVA company is looking for a home visit or asking customers to visit their offices, they will not be on our panel.
  • Be confidential – Debt management is a private issue. We make sure that our companies keep your information 100% private. They will not send anything to you without your permission. They will not share your details. They will not discuss anything with your partner, family or your work.

Top Tip – If you are a resident of Scotland and you are looking for an IVA. You will need to see our Trust Deed – Scottish IVA page here.

What is an IVA company?

An IVA company is responsible for arranging Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA’s). They collect information about your finances and organise an IVA through a qualified Insolvency Practitioner (IP).

Who is The best IVA company?

The best IVA company (UK) is the company which fits perfectly to your situation. Different companies have different qualities, so it is difficult to recommend one company as the out and out best IVA company. You should make your decision based on: ease of setup, cost and confidentiality.

We can help you pick the best IVA for you, quickly, confidentially and completely without hassle to make sure you get the best service for yourself.

What about debt charities?

We hear mixed reviews about charities. The unfortunate truth is that IVA charities charge Insolvency Practitioner fees, just like picking a private company. This is why most people would prefer to pick a top rated private company. Debt charities are also a lot more popular as they advertise as “free” and “charities”, but their debt advice will only be free if you opt for free templates. These templates are readily available online.

IVA companies to avoid

From time to time we receive enquiries from people who have arranged IVAs through other websites and dealt with Insolvency Practitioners that they are not happy with. Unfortunately we can not help to put this situation right, unless you are looking for a new IVA company.

Although from time to time, we may notify you of bad IVA companies.

If you would like to complain about an Insolvency Practitioner – click here for the Government website or contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I pick the best IVA company?
There are lots of IVA companies available. You should stick to companies which are highly reviewed, completely confidential and have IVA’S starting at the lowest possible price.

Q. How much debt is written off in an IVA?
With an IVA you can write off up to 80% of your debt. IVA payments are based on your affordability, so this can vary.

Q. What is the minimum IVA payment?
We have access to IVA’S from £80 per month.