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Thomas Higgins is a Debt Collection company with a company number of 10177315. Their full company name is Thomas Higgins Limited.

If you have received a letter of a card from this debt collector, contact us immediately for independent, confidential and free debt advice. We will explore all of your options to stop this debt collector from taking any further action. But you must act quickly! Our advice services are 100% free; we aim to help you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Do you need help with Thomas Higgins Limited?

Are you receiving letters from Thomas Higgins?

Are they sending letters to your home address or your place of business?

Do they send you text messages or bombard your home phone and your mobile phone with calls at all different times of the day?

You may even notice that they call you from several different phone numbers. Some may even display local phone numbers to where you live.

If you have received a letter of notification from this debt collector, contact us immediately for independent advice on stopping these people. We will explore all your options to stop them in their tracks and protect your rights!

Will Thomas Higgins come to my house to collect debts?

Thomas Higgins may have used their field agents to make home visits to discuss the alleged debt. These visits can be very distressing not only for the person who is named as a debtor but also for their entire family. The visit could come without warning, often at an inconvenient time or when people are preparing dinner—the last thing that someone dealing with tough financial times needs!

This method of collecting debts has a detrimental effect on your mental and physical health because it’s emotionally taxing just knowing that someone might show up at any time unannounced or without warning with the intent to collect these supposedly owed funds from you personally. If the team licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, they would stick within ethical guidelines, but not all debt collectors adhere to these standards.

Some people may not be aware of these tactics, but Thomas Higgins Ltd has no qualms about using them to get in touch with the people who owe them money.

To this end, they employ some very creative tactics that show their willingness to do anything and everything necessary to get access to the people who owe them money.

We’ve been there before. Over the years, our team has experienced many collections attempts from creditors like Thomas Higgins, and we know their tricks all too well. That’s why when they come for you, give us a call so that we can help put an end to these unreasonable demands once and for all!

How will Thomas Higgins chase me if I don’t pay?

Creditors such as Thomas Higgins use computer systems (often known as customer relationship management systems) to keep on top of their debtors. They often follow a process that will make them the most profit, and these methods are seen by many people in society, including those who have experienced it first hand, to be aggressive and heavy-handed.

Although there has been some movement recently towards limiting this power with legislation put in place from Government officials aimed at reducing harassment tactics used against individuals struggling financially – intimidation is largely still the main tool for collecting debts owed, which causes resentment among victims whether they owe money or not.

The first point of contact which Thomas Higgins may use is an introductory phone call and letter. This is to set out their pre-action protocol. You will usually receive (in writing) a note explaining the total amount of debt owed, any charges/penalties that have been accrued, and a tight deadline for you to open an account and repay your debt in full. Additionally, it will mention what steps they’ll take if you decide not to pay off your entire balance on time or at all!

These steps are usually:

  • A home visit
  • A county court judgement (CCJ), issued by Thomas Higgins if you fail to repay the debt within this tight deadline
  • A threat of bankruptcy (usually if the debt is over £750)

It is important not to take these letters personally. Credit companies send them out regularly to protect their interest, and they are meant for everyone who has dealings with the company, regardless of your name. This note provides information about how you can get back onto good terms if you have fallen behind on payments or think you may be soon due to circumstances beyond your control, like unemployment or injury from an accident that prevents work. There is help at hand, but you should act quickly.

If Thomas Higgins has contacted you, contact us immediately, and we will try to deal with them on your behalf.

What rights do I have against Thomas Higgins?

You have rights bestowed by the United Kingdom that you can use to protect yourself and your family. You are afforded certain protections given only to British citizens, which allows for peace of mind when looking after your well-being.


Thomas Higgins cannot harass you. They can contact you as many times as they want, but only if it is reasonable and not too much in a single day. However, this definition of what is “reasonable” varies for everyone, so don’t hesitate to ask them to stop contacting you at any time or else the law won’t protect your rights!


Tommy Higgins is not allowed to talk about your debt problems with your friends, family or neighbours. This is because of the UK’s data protection laws.


Thomas Higgins cannot pretend that they have powers that they do not possess or exceed expectations of the law. In the past, creditors have used documents that look like official court document. A law has passed to prevent this from happening now.

Threats and Lies

Thomas Higgins cannot be threatening, abusive or tell lies to collect debts.

What is the process of debt collection?

The standard debt collection process goes as follows- the creditor or its lawyers will send you an initial overdue letter which can invite a response if it is not acknowledged in the correspondence. If the debtor ignores that letter, it may contact them by phone and insist on getting their whereabouts.

The next step would be to record this information with a credit reporting agency and share this information with other potential creditors.

Thereafter, they might send letters by post every month for three months, after which they would initiate legal proceedings in court. Debt collectors cannot use physical violence and hence are expected to abide by the law of the land appropriately when collecting debts owing.

What is a Letter Before Action?

A letter before action is a notification to the recipient that the creditor will pursue a formal legal complaint if payment is not received within a specified time frame.

They are notifications to the recipients of loans, debts, unpaid services etc., warning them about impending legal proceedings or forcing them to comply with creditor’s demands such as retrieving property/assets, filing for bankruptcy, or enforcing liens on public domain.

The letters usually authorise solicitors and other professionals who assist in enforcement proceedings with relevant details required by statute but serve primarily as communication mechanisms to put recipients on notice of their actions and give them a chance to remedy defaulting on repayment of their debt.

What is a debt recovery letter?

The purpose of a debt recovery letter is to formally request a repayment of an outstanding balance from the account holder. A common misconception is that it serves as a “final notice” before pursuing legal action.

However, this misunderstanding does not change the fact that such letters often are used as a final notice before legally taking aggressive measures to collect.

Where is Thomas Higgins Limited based?

Thomas Higgins Limited Registered Office: Lloyds Chambers, 19-21 Seaview Road, Wallasey, CH45 4TH. Telephone: 0151 452 0452

What is Thomas Higgins Limited V.A.T reg?

Thomas Higgins is Licensed and regulated by: The Solicitors Regulation Authority SRA number: 630440. V.A.T. REG No: GB 243 0890 18. Company Registration Number: 10177315.  For solicitors handbook, please visit:

If you are worried about Thomas Higgins chasing you for debt, you should contact us immediately by calling the number on top of this page, or by clicking “Get Started for Free”.

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