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STA International are a Debt Collection company with a company number of 02893487. They are registered by the FCA to collect debts in the UK. Their full company name is Sta International Limited. Important: Do not let STA International into your home, no matter what they tell you. Contact us immediately and we will try to deal with them on your behalf.

Will STA International come to my house to collect debts?

STA International may have breached the confidentiality of their customers by making home visits to discuss the alleged debt.

This is not only a violation of your privacy, but it can be very distressing for both you and those around you. In addition, these methods are damaging in many ways; they affect mental health and physical health, which can lead to family members feeling helpless or being alienated from one another due to outside interference.

Don’t let yourself get stressed out

Stress, anxiety and depression are common symptoms of someone being hounded by debt collectors. In addition, theIn addition, the constant pressure can make people feel stressed out about their health which can lead to physical illnesses such as high blood pressure or even heart disease.

Here’s what you need to do:

The best way to stop them from contacting you is by appointing a company specialising in this type of work. However, threatening letters, phone calls, and home visits are widespread tactics used to get in touch with the people who owe them money.

Get in touch

Please contact us today if they are harassing you. Without doing so, it may continue indefinitely and probably worsen your situation even more due to a lack of legal representation.

The STA International is known for its predatory tactics when dealing with indebted people, but don’t worry because our debt specialists are always available to help you through the whole thing from start to finish while teaching those sharks a lesson along the way.

Can STA International take me to court?

Yes, they may take debtors to court if they cannot be paid back.

To collect these amounts, debt collection companies act on behalf of creditors like banks and acquirers who have charged consumers with purchase or loan amounts. To contact consumers about their debts, they use a variety of communication methods to reach them. This includes leaving messages on the phone, writing letters and other forms of communication. 

In the worst-case scenario, they may sue if the debt is not paid within a reasonable time.

How do I get my student loans out of debt collection?

When you don’t pay your gas and electric bills, they will pass the outstanding account over for debt collection to STA International debt.

However, their most common form of debt recovery is university fees. On the Trustpilot review site, many people have complained about this company’s poor customer service skills when dealing with universities’ student loans or other college-related debts–and on forums like Reddit as well!

Repayment plans and debt collection

Negotiating a repayment plan payment is the best way to get student loans released from debt collection companies. Repayment agreements can be made for as low as £25 per month.

You don’t want your debts to continue growing at higher interest rates and putting your credit rating in jeopardy if you are struggling financially. It’s possible to negotiate a monthly payment plan that is less than they are asking now.

This basically means you pay them more time and then continue with the agreement each month.

How will STA International chase me if I don’t pay?

STA International is a creditor that uses sophisticated software to manage its debtors. They will often choose the best debt process to maximize their profits. These tactics are often seen as aggressive.

Debt collectors can phone you after work hours as long as it’s during a reasonable time, and you don’t have their phone number blocked/unlisted.

If this happens to be the only number they could reach you on, or your cellphone is the only one you give out, then it’s more likely that debt collectors would make a cold call to this number.

Bailiffs and debt collectors

You may have seen news articles and documentaries criticizing the harshness of bailiffs and debt collectors. While the Government has made some progress in reducing their power, intimidation is still the most effective tactic.

Pre-action protocol

STA International will use an introductory letter and phone call as their first point of contact. This is to establish their pre-action protocol. 

After that, a letter will typically be sent to you explaining the amount of the debt, the penalties and any fees that may have accrued.

It will also give you a deadline to repay the debt. You will be informed of the next steps if you fail to pay the debt in full.

These steps STA International take are:

  • A home visit
  • STA International issues a county court judgment (CCJ) if you fail to repay the debt by this deadline
  • The threat of bankruptcy (usually when the debt is more than £750).
These letters are common with all credit providers, not just STA International. These letters should not be taken personally. You can get help, but you need to act quickly. Contact us immediately if STA International is contacting you. We will attempt to resolve the matter on your behalf.

How to deal with your emotional health when you owe money

It’s not the amount of debt that you owe, but what it does to your mind. The constant pressure of having an impending payment deadline looming over you and knowing there is a slim chance for survival without it turning you into a caged animal has many people struggling with depression, increased anxiety levels and other stress-related illnesses.


It’s hard enough surviving in the world right now, but we’ve got to do it with dignity and grace.

It is a shame that some people can’t protect themselves from these outside factors because they are left without any job or ability to make ends meet due to many uncontrollable circumstances out of their hands!

Don’t torture yourself

It is always easy blaming ourselves when we know deep down inside these types of events were outside our realm of responsibility — yet so much torture is often self-inflicted!

What if there are ways actually to feel better about oneself during these difficult times?

There is. All you need to do is call our friendly team of debt counselling experts for advice. We will provide a roadmap to becoming debt-free and even dealing with all correspondence with your creditors.

What are some common debt collection tactics?

The evolution of the debt collection industry owes largely to these four trends: more people are borrowing more money, banks and credit unions aren’t lending as much, there is greater transparency in the industry than ever before, and technology has made it easy for collectors to get information on how best to approach debtors.

Debt collection phone calls asking you to pay the total amount you owe

One common form of debt collection is a phone call. A knowledgeable collector will warn the debtor of the consequences if they do not repay the debt but will also offer an option to postpone payments for a limited period of time in exchange for more frequent payments.

Sometimes this can be done by paying off only 25% with consequential instalment payment plans that would allow an ageing process to climb out from under mounting trauma experienced.

Debt collection letters, threats of going to court

Additional Forms include sending letters containing threats to take legal action against you or someone close to you. Attempting to seize your assets, including wages; garnishing your bank account/s (for unsecured debts such as credit cards).

They can also include taking more extreme measures, such as visiting your home, threatening to seize your car or other property, and taking legal action to force you into bankruptcy.

What rights do I have against STA International?

The 1974 Consumer Credit Act may be of interest to you. 

This act applies to debt collection agencies and other sections of credit-providing businesses, such as banks, credit card companies and individual lenders. It will outline how you are protected from unscrupulous money-lenders and their harassment tactics.

The act contains seven sections that address specific topics such as prohibited debt collection practices and guidelines regarding disclosing debt information to third parties.

It is important to note that creditors must have your permission before giving your personal information to an outside agency if you are in financial difficulty.

Is STA International a legit company?

Yes, they are a legit debt management company. They typically operate on behalf of a client and generate a commission when their client is paid back any money owed. STA International Ltd. STA International is a trading style of STA International Limited, registered in England & Wales

Registered address: 3rd Floor Colman House, King Street, Maidstone, Kent ME14 1DN

Company Registration No. 2893487 | VAT No. 646003171 | Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Who is the Credit Services Association?

The Credit Services Association is an association composed primarily of three UK trade associations whose combined memberships represent the vast majority of the credit services industry in England and Wales.

The CSA has existed in some form or another for over 100 years. They serve to bring together providers of essential credit-based financial products and offer a forum for discussing key aspects of that industry.

However, becoming a member of the credit services association does not carry the same weight as being authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

What is their goal?

Their goal is to provide a voice for the sector by setting standards that will lead consumers through their investment process with confidence and understanding.

This enables them to navigate changes while minimizing risks, protecting themselves from unfair practices and providing good service at lower costs than possible if left unregulated, ultimately offering opportunities unavailable elsewhere.

How can we help with STA International?

You will be amazed at how well-versed our staff are in dealing with debt management companies like STA International when you first contact us. 

We are proud to be one of the most popular UK debt websites, and we take pride in handling any queries related to debt in a professional, efficient, and timely manner.

Customer reviews

Every customer we assist is asked to leave a review. These reviews are your chance to see the difference! Some customers have provided very detailed feedback about how they have been helped and how it has changed their lives in a short time.

We work with many different debt companies and offer a variety of solutions. You will always find the best solution for you, regardless of your situation. We aren’t tied to any company, so we can do our best to make sure you only repay what you owe.  

We may be able to have your debt completely written off.

The problem with having quite a bit of debt is it can become overwhelming and extremely stressful living day to day. As you may or may not know, anyone from banks, Credit Card providers, Payday loans and even debt recovery companies allow in their business models for “bad debts.”

There’s a point where the cost of chasing these debts exceeds the profitability of recouping them. When this happens, people can wipe off huge amounts off what they owe under the right circumstances.  

We know how they operate and what powers STA International debt has

Lending institutions make money by lending to people who are unlikely to pay them back, so they don’t care if you’re in serious trouble and cannot keep up with the payments on your credit cards or loans because there will always be more borrowers coming through their doors!

If you are worried about STA International, you should contact us immediately by calling the number on top of this page, or by clicking “Get Started for Free”.

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