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If you have debts of over £5000, you may be able to write off your debt with an IVA

Past Due Credit Solutions (PDCS) are a Debt Collection company that works with energy, water and telecoms companies. They also provide services to some government departments and other organisations in the UK. Their company number is SC287794, and their full company name is Pastdue Credit Solutions Limited, registered at 1 Blair Court North Avenue, Clydebank Business Park, Clydebank, Glasgow, G81 2LA.

You may receive debt collection bills from PO BOX 3104 Glasgow G60 9AT.

They are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

If you have received a letter of a card from this debt collector, contact us immediately for independent, confidential and free debt advice. We will explore all of your options to stop any debt collection companies from taking any further action.

But you must act quickly! Our advice is 100% free; we aim to help you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Let’s find out more about Past Due Credit and how they work…

What should I do if Past Due Credit Solutions contact me?

If you owe money to a creditor and stop making payments, they can take action against you, including taking you to court.

Before you reach out to your creditor, you must know who they are. Your original creditors may have given the debt off to someone else without telling you, and this could be problematic because if they did not tell you in writing beforehand, then there’s a chance for confusion as well as potential scamming on behalf of other people trying to get money from an unsuspecting debtor such as yourself.

When you are struggling with financial hardship, there is no need to feel helpless. We can help! We will work out how much income and expenses you have to know exactly what your budget should look like before deciding about the best option for ending creditor contact – talk to us today about your options.

There are many unknowns when it comes to a creditor; they can be tricky and sneaky. If you receive a letter demanding that you pay back money for something which doesn’t seem like your debt or if the amount seems higher than what is actually due, do not ignore it! Give us a call today so we can discuss your options.

PDCS also collect debts for HMRC. These should be considered priority debts as bailiffs have greater rights of collection when it comes to collecting Government arrears.

Will Past Due Credit Solutions (PDCS) come to my house to collect debts?

They have many tactics to use to get in touch with people who owe them money. For example, their initial contact may be threatening phone calls, a text message or letters threatening legal action, and if they don’t get a response, they may appoint field agents to make home a visit to discuss the alleged debt.

The visit can be very distressing not only for the person who is the named debtor but also for people in that family. In addition, these methods can have a detrimental effect on your mental and physical health and the people around you.

These are all widespread tactics that PDCS use to get in touch with the people who owe them money. Unfortunately, without appointing a debt company to represent you, this may continue.

As a long-established independent debt website, we have vast experience dealing with creditors such as PDCS. We understand the tactics they use and the rules they must follow, and we can work with you to get them to stop.

How will Past Due Credit Solutions (PDCS) chase me if I don’t pay?

The use of these computer systems helps debt collectors to keep track of their debtor’s accounts. They follow a step-by-step process to make the most profit possible, often with ruthless tactics such as intimidation and threats seen by many as unfair.

However, there have been recent steps taken towards reducing some powers given to bailiffs and creditors under the government legislation, which has reduced this heavy-handed approach for those who cannot pay off debts on time or remain current on payments without any help from third parties like credit counselling agencies or bankruptcy attorneys.

Creditors such as PDCS use computer software to keep up with their delinquent customers’ balances because they want it all: revenue owed plus interest.

When you are in debt, it is important to understand the consequences of not making payments on time. The first step that Past Due Credit Solutions may take when a bill goes past due or payment arrangements have been missed will come as an introductory phone call and a letter explaining their pre-action protocol.

They’ll usually send (in writing) letters warning of impending action with deadlines for repayment and mention any charges/penalties which may have accrued from not paying your bills on schedule. Be sure to read these warnings carefully, so there are no surprises at the end!

These steps are usually:

  • A home visit
  • A county court judgement (CCJ), issued by PDCS if you fail to repay the debt within this tight deadline
  • A threat of bankruptcy (usually if the debt is over £750)

Letters like this are very standard with every credit provider and not just Past Due Credit Solutions. Therefore, it is important not to take these letters personally. There is help at hand, but you should act quickly.

If PDCS have contacted you, contact us immediately, and we will try to deal with them on your behalf.

Can PDCS take me to court?

Debt collectors are required by law to send you a warning letter with notice of default before taking any action against you or your credit. This is because people make mistakes, and debt collectors are legally obligated to send a warning letter before any action is taken.

This can be harmless, but you must take care of the issue as soon as possible. If this situation isn’t resolved in seven years, all mistakes will be permanently recorded on your report, which will harm future opportunities.

When managing your PDCS debt, a warning letter is like getting the police involved early. A default can happen easily if you’re not careful, and your credit rating will be damaged for seven years. Therefore, it’s important to contact us as soon as possible, so that doesn’t happen!

If a debt collection agency contacts you, the first thing to do is figure out why. If it’s because of an error on their end or they bought your debt from another company and legitimately want something from you, don’t ignore them. There are many instances where this can happen, so be sure to speak with them before making any rash decisions about handling the situation.

How we can help

Credit card companies make money every day you over-spend because they hold onto your cash until interest rates go up (usually) or if you are late paying them back. It seems like an unfair system that will only benefit the credit cards companies once people get further into trouble, but this isn’t always true; there are escape routes out of high-interest rate loans and fees before bankruptcy becomes necessary–even though we don’t recommend any borrowing at all these days!

Debt support team

We are one of the first in our field to provide an all-inclusive debt-management service online. Whether it be mortgage or credit card debts, we make sure that every customer can use our services without hassle. We also pride ourselves on dealing with any inquiry you may have about your situation – no matter how difficult!

Customer satisfaction

We request reviews from every customer we help; some have given very detailed feedback on how we have helped them and how it has completely changed their lives (in a concise space of time). So please check out these reviews and see for yourself!

We deal with a variety of debt solutions and a wide range of debt companies. This means that you will always find the best debt solution for yourself, without exception. Furthermore, as we are not tied to any particular company, we can work hard to ensure you repay the very minimum you need to.

What rights do I have against PDCS?

It is important to know what rights you have as a citizen of the United Kingdom because these are there for your protection.

  • PDCS is not allowed to harass you. As long as they are reasonable, it’s ok for them to contact you any time they want. However, there isn’t a specific definition of what this means, so know that if these calls or emails don’t feel like harassment, then Past Due Credit Solutions can do whatever they please and still go after your debts – even with the threat of using physical force to reclaim their debt via bailiffs! You can ask that PDCS only contact you in writing, but you must make sure that you are responsive to these letters if you do this.
  • PDCS cannot speak to your family, friends or neighbours about any matters relating to your case: this is because of UK data protection laws. However, if you feel that your rights have been violated in any way regarding confidential information, please consider taking the matter forward as a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service and Information Commissioner’s Office. 
  • They cannot pretend that they have powers that they do not possess. In the past, creditors have used documents that look like an official court document to trick people into paying their debts, but a law has passed that will prevent this from happening now.
  • PDCS cannot be threatening, abusive or tell lies to collect debts.

Do I have to pay Pastdue Credit Solutions?

You should not pay anything until you receive debt management advice.

Paying PDCS in advance can be a big mistake. They are only interested in receiving money from you and have no interest in managing your PDCS debt.

An affordable Payment Plan

Debt management plans are like a formal payment plan that usually requires the person to make monthly payments, which goes on the credit report as “current” accounts. Also, there is no time limit for how long these companies can manage to keep charging fees while none of your bills are being paid off.

Debt solutions

If a payment plan is the best option for you, we can take all the stress out of negotiating the minimal monthly payment you need to make.

We have a wide variety of debt solutions, and our skilled debt specialists are trained in offering the best debt advice and offering the best debt solution for you.

Does DVLA use Pastdue Credit Solutions?

It’s possible. Companies often use debt collection agencies to get the money they are owed when customers default on their credit agreement. However, if you’re not in debt and you’ve never owed any money with DVLA, then chances are a legit debt collector won’t come after you at all.

If there is a chance that this is legitimate and they are harassing you, it may be worthwhile to consult an expert or professional adviser who can determine whether the communication was in genuine pursuit of payments past due; you should do this type of inquiry before responding otherwise it could count as an admission of guilt.

Are Past Due Credit Solutions legit?

Yes, they are. They are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This means that they must abide by all of the laws laid out for credit providers in the UK.

Past Due Credit Solutions is a UK-based business that coordinates loans with outstanding balances from creditors.

Unfortunately, many scam companies aren’t regulated or authorized, so it’s important to learn about what they can and cannot do according to UK law if you are in a difficult situation. For more information on credit solutions for people with past due debts, contact our helpful PDCS debt specialists for more advice.

How do I contact Pastdue credit about debt collection?

You can contact them by referring to their website, but we would be happy to help you with debt collection right away to don’t have to worry about saying the right thing.

This is probably one of the most uncomfortable and upsetting situations that you could find yourself in. However, when faced with a debt collector’s call or email, the best thing to do is address it as soon as possible. We will contact PDCS right away to work out what your options are before taking any further steps on this account.

Can a debt collection agency send a bailiff to my house?

Perhaps you have heard of a bailiff but do not know what they are. A court-appointed bailiffs job is to oversee and assist in administering justice within their courtroom; this includes collecting money owed by citizens guilty or innocent.

PDCS Debt (Past Due Credit Solutions) or any other debt collection agency do not have any powers to enter your home or to confiscate your property.

If you are worried about your PDCS debt, you should contact us immediately by calling the number on top of this page or clicking “Get Started for Free”.

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