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Opos Limited, a Credit Management company located in Dumbarton near Glasgow was established in 2008. Their website states that they aim to provide a transparent and tailored credit management service to various business sectors. We know these guys well, so if you have been contacted by Opos limited, you should get in touch with us straight away.

Important: Do not let Opos into your home, no matter what they tell you. Contact us immediately and we will try to deal with them on your behalf.

Let’s find out more about Opos and how they work…

Is Opos Limited going to show up at my home to collect my debts?

Opos might may send debt collectors to your house to discuss the debt. These visits can be extremely distressing for you personally, but also for your entire family. 

Threatening letters, phone calls and visits are all common methods Opos use in order to reach people who owe them money. This could continue if you don’t appoint a debt company.

We are a well-established debt website that has had a lot of experience dealing with creditors like Opos. We are familiar with the tactics they use and can help you stop them.

How will Opos chase me if I don’t pay?

Creditors such as Opos use computer systems to keep on top of their debtors. They often follow a debt process that will make them the most profit and can be seen as aggressive by those being followed. But despite laws limiting some tactics, creditors continue with intimidation because it yields quick results for high return rates in debts owed from customers who may have had trouble paying back before they were pursued too aggressively or otherwise missed deadlines set out by contract agreements.

Opos will make an introductory phone call and letter to set out their pre-action protocol.

You’ll usually get a written letter with a reference number that outlines how much money you owe, any charges/penalties incurred due to missed payments, as well as the tight deadline by which they would like your debt paid in full. The letter may mention what happens if this is not done: typically more letters follow with increasingly higher levels of pressure or unpaid debts are passed on to personal contact people who come knocking at your door demanding payment (or worse).

These steps are usually:

  • A home visit
  • A county court judgement (CCJ), issued by Opos if you fail to repay the debt within this tight deadline
  • A threat of bankruptcy (usually if the debt is over £750)

A letter like this is an unfortunate standard with every credit provider, not just Opos. It is important not to take these communications personally and know there is assistance available, but you do need to act quickly.

If you have been contacted by Opos, contact us immediately and we will try to deal with them on your behalf.

Is Opos limited a legit debt collection company?

They are a debt collection company registered in Scotland with Company Number SC 338837. They are Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, FRN 693817 under the name Opos Limited. Their registered address is: Opos Limited, 2nd Floor, 15 Meadowbank Street, Dumbarton, G82 1JR

What rights do I have against Opos?

As a citizen of the United Kingdom, you are given certain rights to protect you and your family’s well-being.

Opos cannot harass you

Opos can contact you as often as they like, as long as it is reasonable. Although the term ‘reasonable’ does not have a clear definition, it means you shouldn’t feel harassed or manipulated by Opos. You cannot use their incessant calls or pestering letters as a defence to avoid repaying your debt. You can ask that Opos only contact you in writing, but if you do this you must make sure that you are responsive to these letters.

Opos have to keep your details confidential

Opos can’t speak to your relatives, friends, or neighbours about your debts. This is in accordance with UK data protection laws.

Opos have to be honest in their dealings with you

Opos can’t pretend to have powers they don’t have. In the past, creditors used documents that looked like court documents. This is prohibited by law.

Opos have to be professional

Opos cannot be threatening, abusive or tell lies to collect debts. If you have any concerns about their behaviour, you should notify the Financial Ombudsman and the Financial Conduct Authority

What is statute-barred debt UK?

Statute-barred debt is any debt that someone has had for so long, it’s now illegal for them to take legal action about it.

The statute of limitation in the UK starts from the day that a lender wrote or gave the money to the borrower

If a person has not made repayments on their loan since they originally borrowed it and nothing more has been agreed upon, their debt will be statute-barred and cannot be taken back by going to court. The length of time depends on how much was borrowed – interest-only loans are different than mortgages with repayments (and different still if repayments were missed).

It refers to a legal term that prevents certain creditors from claiming back money or property owed when it is allegedly owed was more than 6 years ago. In other words, “statute-barred debt” is not enforceable under UK Law.

It has become synonymous with out-of-date debt where the debtor doesn’t have sufficient assets and/or a lack of income in order for them to repay what they owe.

In England and Wales, statute-barred debts will typically expire after 6 years from the last date on which they could be pursued by the law.

How long can a collection agency attempt to collect a debt?

In the UK, a debt collector can continue to attempt to collect a debt as long as it is not statute-barred. Statute barred means receiving notification of the time limit for taking action on an undisputed claim after which you cannot take any legal action; in other words, when a person knows they are too late to take any legal action. A statute-barred matter may be an outstanding invoice that remained unpaid for 6 years so lenders could then put it up for sale or send it to a company like collections agency Opos Limited. Statute barred debts no longer form valid grounds for foreclosure or bankruptcy proceedings and they also have no bearing on credit reports and histories.

The debt agency can only recover and collect the debt from you for six years

After six years, they are no longer able to demand money from you. If they take any legal steps before those six years have expired, however, then they retain the ability to do so still until the statute of limitations has passed.

What happens if I ignore a debt collector?

If you refuse to pay a legitimate debt, your original creditor may report it as unpaid to credit reporting companies. As a result, the negative information can affect not only your ability to get credit but also eligibility for or renewal of existing loans and lines of credit.

Most creditors work with large debt collection agencies that specialize in this practice. They routinely collect millions in debts every year.

First, they’ll contact you by phone, then they will send you a letter, which may include threats of legal action if the account is not repaid

It’s pretty rare for a debt collector to give up on getting their money. They’ll probably use every method they can in order to get it from you, which includes calling, sending letters, and harassing you at your job or home. The safest action is usually just to keep paying what you owe on time each month until the debt has been paid off like normal. Other alternatives are some sort of negotiated payment plan with the debt collector that may work better for everyone involved rather than taking legal action or declaring bankruptcy. Defaulting on a debt or ignoring debt collectors can cause your credit score to go down as it impacts your ability to take out future loans. You might also find yourself unwelcome at shops, restaurants and other establishments because of the bad credit rating.

Finally, the debt collector may eventually seize property or sell it in order to recover some of the money you owe them

Defaulting is never recommended but if you do so, then make sure that any property you own is registered with a reliable company (or auctioneer) who will ensure that all monies owed are recovered before releasing any cash from the sale.

What is the Credit Services Association?

The Credit Services Association is a UK trade association set up to protect the interests of individual and institutional traders – including brokers, banks, insurers, multinationals and SMEs – in the retail foreign exchange market. They represent over 90% of private sector companies operating in this sector today. 

The CSA aims to promote good standards within its industry while developing sustainable business practices that safeguard customer funds from unfair treatment. It also campaigns for an equitable taxation system for imported goods with regard to customs duties on luxuries and VAT on imports, as well as more transparency in public ownership registers for listed businesses.

Can Arvato take me to court?

If you do not reply to a debt letter from Arvato or other forms of contact such as phone calls and text messages, then they may take court action. This legal action can also happen if you fail to agree on a plan with them to repay your debt.

In this case, they may seek court action to issue a County Court Judgment (CCJ). A CCJ is a court order that forces you to repay your debt in full, or in instalments. If you do not repay the CCJ in full within 30 days, then it is likely to stay on your credit report, and reduce your chances of securing credit, for the next six years.

They are an organization that provides different services to lenders including support, guidance and training

This includes organizations involved in assessing and granting credit such as markets, asset-backed lending, mortgage providers etc. They are committed to making sure the money they generate is used for fair business practices by banning unfair or deceptive acts and practices like fraud and misleading advertising. That value extends beyond their membership by ensuring all the transactions that take place within are based on trust built with integrity this commitment unites us all as one voice within a global industry – united by shared values and commitments – time after time, day after day.

How can we help?

You will be amazed at how well-versed our staff are in dealing with Opos creditors when you first contact us. We are proud to be one of the most popular debt advice websites in the UK and we take pride in handling a large number of queries related to debt in a professional, efficient, and timely manner.

Every customer we assist is asked to leave a review. Some customers have provided very detailed feedback about how they have been helped and how it has changed their lives in a short time. These reviews are your chance to see the difference!

We work with many different debt solutions as well as a large number of debt companies. You will always find the best solution for you, regardless of your situation. We aren’t tied to any company so we can do our best to make sure you only repay what you owe.

If you are worried about Opos, you should contact us immediately by calling the number on top of this page, or by clicking “Get Started for Free”.

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