Do you owe money to CCS Collect Debt Collectors?
If you have debts of over £5000, you may be able to write off your debt with an IVA

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Who are CCS Collect?

CCS Collect are a debt collection company that has been in business for over forty years. They have a base in Croydon, Surrey, and they are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to collect debts in the United Kingdom.

You may also hear CCS Collect referred to as:

CCS Collect is the trading name of this limited company, and they operate to recover debts on behalf of a list of creditors, including high profile organisations and high street names. They are also members of the Credit Services Association.

Important: If CCS Collect have contacted you, it’s important for you to take action before the situation escalates. If you do not seek advice, the debt amount may rise due to collection fees and late payment fees. Contact us today for free, independent advice.

Who do CCS collect for?

CCS Collect mainly recover debt from people who owe money to the following organisations:

  • HMRC
  • DVLA Penalties
  • Department of Work and Pension (DWP)
  • Utility companies (water accounts)
  • Credit card companies
  • Student loan accounts
  • NHS

You are not alone

If CCS Collect are contacting you to organise repayment of a debt that you feel that you don’t have the income to afford, you are not alone. CCS Collect chase debts from thousands of people, just like you.

We are here to help you.

Let’s find out more about CCS Collect and how they work.

Are CCS Collect legitimate?

Yes, CCS Collect are a legitimate debt collector registered in England and Wales since December 1988 under company number 02326104. The company’s registered name is Commercial Collection Services Limited.

The business has a registered office at Norfolk House (3rd Floor), Wellesley Road, Croydon, England, CR0 1GR. Prior to December 2019, they had a different registered office address which was 797 London Road Thornton Heath Surrey CR7 6YY; please do not use this address when corresponding with the business now.

CCS Collect are a legitimate company. If they contact you, do not ignore their communications. You are welcome to contact us on 0330 1228447, and a member of our team will help you to review your circumstances and let you know your options for dealing with collections agencies such as CCS Collect.

Why are CCS Collect contacting me?

If you have received some form of contact from CCS Collect it most likely means you have an unpaid bill, charges or account with one of their clients. For example, you may have an outstanding credit card bill with an organisation who has decided to employ CCS collect it, rather than go through the process themselves. Unlike some debt firms, CCS do not purchase debt; they manage a collections scheme on behalf of other companies.

The worst thing that you can do at this stage is to ignore CCS Collect because your difficulty will only get worse if the situation escalates.

If CCS Collect become involved with my debt, how will I hear from them?

Initially CCS Collect will try to contact you by letter, text message and phone call to let you know that you owe money to them. If you do not have the funds to pay your balance in full, then CCS Collect will encourage you to complete a budget exercise to determine how much you can afford to pay off your debt each month and they will then use this information to agree a repayment plan with you.

Remember, CCS Collect are debt collectors whose primary concern is to make a profit by recovering as much money against your debt as possible. Their staff may even receive a bonus based on how much of your money they process as an account payment.

Will CCS Collect come to my house to collect debts?

CCS Collect may appoint field agents to visit your home to discuss your alleged debt. They tend to use this approach if they do not receive a reply to their letters, phone calls or text messages.

Visits from debt collectors can be extremely distressing and embarrassing for everyone involved. They can leave the debtor and his or her family feeling unsafe in their own home, which will have a negative effect on their mental and physical health.

Sadly, intimidation remains a popular strategy with debt collectors when they focus purely on agreeing payment terms for debt. They can forget that real people and families are going through difficult times because of this financial predicament. If you don’t appoint a debt company to represent you, it’s easy to feel all alone and that you have lost control of your life. Don’t worry; there is always something that you can do.

As a long-established independent debt website, we have a vast experience of dealing with creditors like CCS Collect. We understand the tactics and approaches that they use, and we can guide you through the process of getting them to stop.

How will CCS Collect Debt Collectors chase me if I don’t pay?

Creditors such as CCS Collect Debt Collectors generally use robust computer systems to kept track of every penny of debt that their debtors own them. Sadly there is little chance that these debt collectors will forget about your debt. Instead, they will follow a collection process that they design to maximise their profits. This process may come at a cost to your wellbeing.

There have been several documentaries on TV about the tactics that debt collectors use and how these can feel aggressive and heavy-handed. The Government have reduced the powers that debt collection agencies have by law in specific circumstances, but intimidation is still one of the primary tactics.

The first point of contact which CCS Collect often use is an introductory phone call and letter. These communications set out their pre-action protocol. The debt letter will explain the total amount of debt the firm is chasing. They usually give debtors around a week to pay this in full, which is unrealistic for most people.

The next steps that follow tend to be:

  • A home visit
  • A county court judgement (CCJ)
  • A threat of bankruptcy (if the debt is over £750)

Should I be scared?

These communication tactics can be frightening. They are standard amongst debt collectors, and we recommend that you do not take the approach personally. However, it would be best if you acted quickly to avoid your debt escalating through to the courts.

We are here to support you and to find a debt payment mechanism that is suitable for your circumstances. The sooner you call, the sooner we can help.

So, how can we help?

When you first contact us, you will notice that all of our employees have considerable amounts of experience when dealing with debt collectors such as CCS Collect. As one of the largest debt websites in the United Kingdom, we pride ourselves in dealing with a high amount of debt related queries in an empathetic, effective and speedy approach.

We request reviews from every single customer who we support. Some of them take the time to provide detailed feedback about how we have helped them and their lives have completely turned around in a short amount of time. So please check out these reviews and see for yourself!

We deal with a variety of debt solutions and a wide range of debt companies, so we will always find the best debt solution for you, without exception. With no ties to any one particular company, we can work hard to ensure you repay the very minimum that you need to.

What rights do I have against CCS Collect Debt Collectors?

As a UK citizen, the following rights will protect you when dealing with CCS Collect and any bailiffs operating on their behalf:

  • CCS Collect can not harass you. They can only contact you in ways that can be called ‘reasonable’, however this doesn’t have a concrete legal definition. You can’t use the impact of being harassed as an excuse or a legal defence to not paying your debt. However, you can ask them to only communicate with you about your payments by letter. You must read these letters and be responsive.
  • Debt collectors cannot speak to other people, such as your family, friends or neighbours about your financial situation. This approach is to protect your privacy in line with UK data protection laws.
  • CCS Collect cannot pretend that they have additional powers which in fact they do not possess. In the past creditors have used documents which look like official court documents. Laws are now in place to stop these unethical practices.
  • CCS Collect cannot tell lies when chasing you for money. They can not abuse or threaten you.

If you are worried about your situation with CCS Debt Collectors, you should contact us immediately by calling the number on top of this page, or by clicking “Get Started for Free”.

Can they take me to court?

Yes, if CCS Collect can not come to an agreement with you about payment of your debt, then they may take you to court to issue a County Court Judgment (CCJ) to recover money to repay your debt.

Will a CCJ impact my credit score?

Yes. Unless you repay a CCJ in full within 30 days of the court issuing it, then it will stay on your credit report for six years. Even if you repay the CCJ in full before the six-year period is up, there is nothing you can do to remove it from your report. This mark on your report means it will be difficult to secure further credit in this period, such as a mortgage.

How can I contact CCS Collect?

If you receive a letter or a visit from debt collectors linked to CCS Collect, then you can contact us as soon as possible on 0330 1228447 for support. We work hard to connect our clients to free debt advice and to minimise how much money they have to repay in the form of a debt payment.

If you need to contact CCS Collect directly then you can do so with the following contact details:

How does a collection agency get paid?

Debt collection agencies typically buy portfolios of debts from a range of companies, for pennies to the pound. They then take on the legal right to pursue the debtors and demand payment. The debt collection agency makes a profit whenever they collect more in repayments than they paid for the debt, plus their costs of managing the settlement. Some agencies may add fees and interest to the debt lump sum cover the cost of their services.

However, CCS do not purchase debt. They collect for other businesses and are therefore likely to receive a fee or percentage of the money they recoup in return for doing their job.

CCS Collect Frequently Asked Questions

Does CCS purchase debt?

No. Unlike some agencies, they only offer a collection service on behalf of their clients.

What happens if I ignore my bill from CCS Debt Collection?

They may make a court claim against you. This method is a cheap and popular means for them to recoup their client’s money. If they choose this method, you can expect to receive a claim form through the post, and you will either have to pay the balance in full or dispute the bill. If you want to dispute the bill, it may be sensible to first take legal advice about this strategy.

How can I repay my account with CCS Collections?

You can repay the money you owe in the following ways:

  • Online payment with a credit or debit card
  • Through a bank transfer with online banking
  • Telephone payment by debit or credit card – simply call 020 8665 4929
  • Direct debit
  • Take the Bank Giro Slip on your letter to the bank or post office
  • Postal Order payment
  • Payzone payment
  • Cheque payment
Do CCS Collect have a good reputation?

At the time of writing, CCS Collect have a poor rating of 2.1 out of five on Trustpilot, the independent customer review site. The negative reviews include a comment about staff who were on an ‘ego trip’ (this client goes as far as calling them ‘parasites’), unhelpful service, high fees for calling the business, and issues with Vodafone accounts.

There is one positive review about a staff member called Ben who had been helpful and knowledgeable when dealing with a client called Lisa Murphy.

Can I write off all of my debt with CCS Collect?

It may be possible to write off debt balances if you have a total of £5,000 or more of unsecured debt. The total balance can include a lot of different types of accounts such as loans, credit card debt, catalogues, payday loans, overdrafts and any other unsecured debt.

Who do CCS Collect act as debt collectors for?

CCS Collect are a collections agency, however, they do not buy debt portfolios. They focus on the best way to collect overdue payments for their clients.

Some of the most common debt types for collections agencies are parking fines, benefit overpayments, council tax arrears, loans, credit cards, telephone bills, water and other utility bills.

What is CCS Collect?

CCS Collect are a legitimate debt collection company based in the UK. If you receive communications from them, please take them seriously and contact us for support as soon as possible. The longer you leave the situation, the more it is likely to escalate.

Where are the CCS Offices? What are the CCS Offices?

CCS have a registered office address at Norfolk House (3rd Floor), Wellesley Road, Croydon, England, CR0 1GR.

What if I have a complaint with CCS Collect?

If you have complaints regarding how CCS Collect have treated you or the methods their debt collectors use then you can contact the complaints team in the following ways:

  • Telephone: 033 0400 3600 (please note that CCS Collect record their calls)
  • Post: CCS Collect, Norfolk House, Wellesley Road, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 1GR
  • Email:

When you contact CCS Collect you will need to provide the following details:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your CCS Collect reference number
  • Your phone number (mobile or landline)
  • Full information about your individual complaint
What if I’m not satisfied with how CCS Collect handle my complaint?

If CCS Collect are not able to resolve your complaint, then you can escalate it to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). The FOS will take an independent review of your case and check that CCS Collect have operated in line with the practices that regulators expect from debt collectors.

You can contact the Financial Ombudsman Service in the following ways:

  • FOS Website: Here, you can submit your complaint online for FOS officers to review. Remember to include any evidence as an attachment.
  • Post: The Financial Ombudsman Service Exchange Tower, London E14 9SR. We recommend that you keep a copy of the letter and any proof that you send them. If you want to be sure that the FOS has received your complaint, then you can consider using registered post.
  • Email:

You also have the option to contact the Credit Services Association about your case.

What is an Attachment of Earnings Order?

An Attachment of Earnings Order (AEO) is a method debt agencies sometimes use to get their debt payment directly from a debtor’s wages. This situation is embarrassing as your employer will receive a notification of your debt, when the authorities instruct your employer to process the payment to the debt firm before you receive your wages.

What is CCS Collect’s website?

You can access the CCS Collect website through the following web address or through google search:

  • www ccscollect co uk
  • ccs collect co uk
Do CCS Collect work with HMRC?

Yes, at the time of writing they are one of the collection agencies that HMRC use to recoup payment of tax debt, such as unpaid VAT. They also collect for the Department of Works and Pensions for debt such as overpaid tax credits.

Can a debt firm send me to jail?

No, a debt firm does not have the legal right to create an arrest warrant or imprison anyone. However, they can refer your case to the court in the hope of receiving a court order that allows them to use bailiffs to take your property.

Where can I go for an answer to a debt question?

Numerous organisations and charities support individuals who are suffering from debt issues. They all share lots of valuable information and support that enables debtors to make a decision on what to do next.

The names and sites of some of these organisations are:

  • StepChange
  • Citizens Advice
  • National Debtline

Check out the navigation panel, or table of contents, on these sites for helpful guidelines on budgeting, your rights, sample letters you can use, the powers your credit has and specific debt topics such as IVAs, bankruptcy and debt management.

What if the debt isn’t mine?

Survey data shows that over 50% of debts that individuals receive a notification for, relate to other people; perhaps a previous resident of the address or a family member. If a debt firm is chasing you for someone else’s payment, then contact them immediately. They will likely ask you to prove your identity before removing your details from their collection process.

What if I can’t afford to pay the full debt payment?

One of the benefits of working with a debt management business is that they can help you to understand the rest of your options, and not just the options that the debt chasers have offered you. Depending on the nature of your debt, these could include:

  • A repayment plan with the debt agency
  • A settlement agreement
  • An IVA
  • A Debt Relief Order
  • Bankruptcy
Do CCS collect for the DVLA?

Yes, the firm partners with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to recoup fines.

What NHS debt do CCS collect?

The business works with the NHS to collect their penalty fees and any NHS overpayments.

What water companies do CCS work with?

At the time of writing, they collect for:

  • United Utilities Water
  • Anglian Water
  • Northumbrian Water
What is an IVA?

An individual voluntary arrangement is a legal binding agreement to pay part or all of your debts, typically over a period of five years. You must work with an insolvency practitioner to agree on this approach and gain approval from your creditors.

How do I qualify for an IVA?

See our full article in the IVA Criteria section.

Where can I go for independent debt advice?

At IVA Advice we are connected with a wide range of financial companies who may be able to assist you so don’t hesitate to contact us.

You can also contact the following organisations:

  • The Money Advice Service
  • Business Debtline (for the self-employed)
  • Payplan
  • Christians Against Poverty
  • Citizens Advice Bureau
  • StepChange

If you look at the content that these organisations share you will soon see that debt is a topic that impacts the lives of millions around the world. Many of us make financial mistakes. The most important thing is to seek the right support to put the situation right and get our finances back in order.

Do IVA Advice have independent customer reviews?

Yes, we’ve received many messages of thanks which you can read in our Reviews section.

Are calls to IVA Advice free?

Yes, you can call us on 0330 1228447 or request a free call back within seconds.


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