Do you owe money to Cabot Financial?
If you have debts of over £5000, you may be able to write off your debt with an IVA
Cabot Financial are a debt collection agency registered in England and Wales, regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, with a registered office in West Malling, Kent. The company is also known as:

  • Cabot Financial Europe Limited
  • Cabot Credit Management (CCM) Group Limited

They are debt collectors who are members of the Credit Services Association.

Cabot Financial are chasing thousands of people each day through methods such as calls, emails and visits, to collect debts which they have bought from credit providers and companies such as:

  • HMRC
  • the DVLA
  • Scottish Power
  • First Utility
  • NPower
  • Local councils
  • Credit card companies
  • Loan companies

If you have an unpaid account with a company on this list, they can share your information with Cabot.

We can help

At IVA Advice, we have been dealing with high numbers of debt collection companies like Cabot Financial for years.

We offer a confidential, free and independent advice service, to get your money in order – get in touch today. You aren’t alone; we help hundreds of people who have debts with Cabot. You can read our reviews and the messages of thanks we have received from customers.

If you are eligible for an IVA, our advisors will provide you with a reference number which you can give to Cabot Financial. This will stop all contact from Cabot until your application has been successful.

What happens if I ignore Cabot Financial?

If you ignore Cabot Financial, they will escalate your account through their collection approaches. Their collection steps look like this:

  1. They will send a Letter Before Action (LBA). The LBA will give confirmation of which lender or company the debt was with, how much it’s for and how long you have to repay it; usually seven days.
  2. If you do not pay by the deadline, as a next step Cabot will send you another letter. This message will advise that they will visit your home to give you another opportunity to pay your account in full.
  3. If you ignore this notice, Cabot may assign an agent to visit your home. These agents range in standards and generally have very little power, but it is a hassle and embarrassing.
  4. If they are not successful in collecting money to repay your creditor, they can issue something called a Money Claim, against you. This official document will arrive by post, demanding the full amount with an extra rate on top. You will have 14 days to make a repayment in full or dispute it.
  5. If you choose not to pay at this point, then a CCJ will be issued in your name. It will go on your credit file for six years and ruin a lot of chances of getting credit from others in the future. Avoid a charging order where possible. If they issue a CCJ, then they have the right to instruct bailiffs with powers to collect the debt.

No matter what point of the debt collection cycle your account is in, we can help. So call us today for a free chat to understand the options for your finances. During the call, we’ll review your case and answer your questions; please have any letters or email that you have received to hand. It’s important to know that someone with experience in these matters has your interests at heart and will guide you with the next steps of your journey.

Can Cabot Financial send bailiffs?

Cabot Financial can only use bailiffs to enter your property or business offices if they have exhausted their pre-action protocol. If they have followed this process and then issued a Money Claim which you haven’t defended, then they can instruct bailiffs to enter your property, generally through an unlocked door. Once they enter the property, they can remove possessions of value to sell towards the debt.

Do Cabot take you to court?

Not paying Cabot Financial could land you in court, facing an order. If you have not responded to their second letter, they may refer the debt to the courts via a Money Claim. This process will allow you to dispute the debt. To do this successfully, you should seek legal advice and employ a solicitor you have confidence in to defend you. If you ignore the Money Claim and do not attend court, you will receive a CCJ on your credit file, and the court could order you to repay your full debt account.

Cabot Financial Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I ignore my debts with Cabot Financial?

If you ignore your debt account with Cabot Financial, they may make a court order claim against you. You would receive a claim form through the post and you would either have to pay the money in full or dispute the bill. If you dispute the bill against Cabot Financial, you should take legal advice, as your strategy may be met with little understanding.

By paying nothing towards an account or an order, you are breaking a credit agreement, which will impact your credit rating. Sadly the manner and method many debt collectors operate with, classes you as a debtor, rather than a person in a difficult situation.

Can I write off my debts with Cabot Financial?

There may be a way to write off any debt account that you have with Cabot Financial if you have a total of £5000 or more of unsecured debts.

Who do Cabot Financial Collect for?

Cabot Financial are a collections agency; this means that they can buy a debt account from numerous sources and legally pursue payment of the account through a variety of tactics. Some of the most common debts for collections agencies are council tax arrears, parking fines, benefit overpayments, loans, credit cards, telephone bills, water and utility bills.

Who is Cabot Financial UK Limited? Are they legitimate?

Cabot Financial (Europe) Limited is an Appointed Representative of Cabot Credit Management Group Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority with firm reference number 677910.

Cabot Financial (Europe) Limited is registered in England and Wales with company no 3439445. Registered office: 1 Kings Hill Avenue, Kings Hill, West Malling, Kent ME194UA.

Cabot Financial are a legitimate debt collection company, representing Cabot Management Group Limited.

Cabot Financial (Marlin) Limited is registered in England and Wales with company no 4618038. Registered Office: Marlin House, 16-22 Grafton Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN11 1QP.

How can I contact Cabot Financial?

You can contact Cabot in the following ways, quoting your customer reference number:

  • Website:
  • Cabot Financial Contact Number: 0344 556 0263 (free for mobiles and landlines)
  • Mailbox: Cabot Financial, PO Box 241, West Malling, Kent, ME19 4UA

In addition, the Cabot Credit Management Group (Cardiff) website lets you send an email to customer services, with fields to complete with your personal details and account number.

How can I pay Cabot Financial Europe Limited?

Accepted payments:

  • Bank transfer
  • Postal order
  • Debit card, credit card online payment; debit Visa, Electron, Maestro, Visa Debit, MasterCard, Visa
  • Download the MyCabot app. To sign in, set a password or sign in using TouchID and manage your account anywhere anytime
  • Credit card
  • Online banking
  • Paypoint
  • Cheque
  • Standing order, direct debit
  • Direct payment by phone
  • Payment plan for part payments or a lump sum

Customers can create an online account with Cabot Financial Europe Limited using an email and a password, which enables them to access their account anywhere, anytime, connect with Cabot, and make payments towards their credit commitments.

Who regulates Cabot Credit Management Group?

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulates Cabot Credit Management Group as the company is registered in England and Wales, with a registered office in Kent. Their FCA reference number is 677910.

What if I have complaints about Cabot Financial?

Cabot Financial deal with complaints by phone on 0345 849 8891 or by email:; remember to quote your account or reference number in the email. You can see a copy of their complaint procedure on the website.

If you are not happy with how the Cabot team have handled your complaint, or other things relating to their approach, you can make a referral to the Financial Ombudsman Service:

  • Email:
  • Tel: 0300 1239 123
What is Cabot Financial Europe Limited’s registered office address?

Cabot Financial Europe Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with a registered office at 1 Kings Hill Avenue, Kings Hill, West Malling, Kent ME194UA. Cabot Financial Marlin Limited is also registered in England and Wales with a registered office at Marlin House, 16-22 Grafton Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN11 1QP.

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