Do you owe money to Arvato Financial Solutions?

If you have debts of over £5000, you may be able to write off your debt with an IVA

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Who are Arvato Financial Solutions?

Arvato Financial Solutions are a debt collection company within the Bertelsmann Group. The Bertelsmann Group is a large international company offering media, education and other activities. It operates in 50 different countries around the world and over 35 different languages.

Arvato Financial Services Limited is a legitimate company registered in Scotland under reference SC223606, with a registered office in Glasgow.

Arvato pride themselves on offering a technological response to debt collection. They state that what differentiates them is that ‘no matter how complex, we’ve got your back’. This statement likely applies more to the clients they help to collect debt for, than to the feelings of the people they chase for money.

Important: If Arvato have contacted you, it is important to act quickly before matter escalate. Ignoring debt collectors without financial representation will lead to further action. This will include more money being added to the debt, home visits and potentially repossession of property and vehicles.

It is important that you seek independent, confidential advice as soon as you can. If we can help you, we will provide you with a reference number that you can pass to the people you owe money to. This will pause the debt collection process and stop any further action. Contact us today for help.

Who do Arvato Financial Solutions collect for?

Arvato Financial Solutions buy unsecured debts from a range of different companies. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Council tax debts
  • Energy debts
  • Utility debts
  • Bank debts
  • Debts from parking fines (PCNs)
  • Credit card debts
  • Loan debts
  • Catalogue debts
  • Other unsecured debts

Why are Arvato Financial Solutions contacting me?

If you have received a note, phone call, text message or even a visit from Arvato, then this means they are collecting a debt for one of their clients who you owe money to, or that they have purchased your debt from another business. Perhaps you have an unpaid parking fine, or perhaps you have broken the terms and conditions of a credit agreement with a financial provider. Arvato also collect for british gas (my-rise).

What if Arvato are chasing me for a debt that isn’t mine?

It’s not uncommon for debt collectors to chase people other than the debtors. You may receive a debt letter that relates to one of the previous residents of your address who got themself into debt, or even in relation to a family member who used your address. In this case, it’s essential to contact Arvato to let them know that the debt relates to another party, so that they change the details on their debt database.

Arvato may ask you to supply proof of your identity before they stop coming to your door to chase the debt.

How can I stop Arvato contacting me?

You have the following options to stop their agents contacting you in specific ways:

  • You can repay your debt in full or agree a repayment plan.
  • You can ask that they only send you letters to stop them constantly calling or texting. Letters can be a less stressful method of receiving the difficult details. However, you should not ignore these letters because the situation will quickly become more serious if you do.
  • You can ask for some time to consult organisations for advice about your financial difficulties. Some collectors will give you 30 days of breathing space while you do this. You may still receive some written communications in this period.
  • You can seek advice and support from our team. Where possible we will deal with the collectors for you.

Can Arvato Financial Solutions force entry into my home?

No, under normal circumstances they are not allowed to access your property, without a court order. A court usually grants court orders for debt collection processes after the Letter Before Action process has finished. This process is typically a seven day period in which you can pay back your debts in full, before things escalate to legal action.

Bailiffs can only enter a property without a court order if they are collecting specific types of debts such as criminal fines or taxes for HRMC. At the time of writing, Arvatofs are not involved with this type of collection activity.

If you have received a Letter Before Action from Avarto, get in touch with me or one of the members of my team as soon as you can. The further down the debt collection process you get, the more difficult it will be to stop.

Can Arvato Financial Solutions remove goods?

The only situation where they would be allowed to remove goods from your home is if:

  • A court granted them a court order
  • A court issued a County Court Judgement, which is then on your credit file
  • You received seven days’ notice that an enforcement agent would be assigned to collect your debt

Even if they receive a court order, their enforcement agents can not take specific essential categories of your possessions or property, such as:

  • Items that do not belong to you
  • Items necessary to your work, up to a specific value
  • Bedding
  • Essential clothing
  • Kettles
  • Refrigerators
  • Items necessary to care for children or a person with special needs

Are Arvato Financial Solutions legitimate?

Arvato Financial Solutions are a legitimate debt collection company and a member of the CSA. The CSA are a trade associate for debt collection and the debt purchasing industry. Although they are not a regulator as such, if you are a member of the CSA, you must uphold a strict code of conduct.

Do Arvato Financial Solutions send bailiffs?

The only time they may instruct bailiffs (otherwise known as enforcement officers) is if a debt has exhausted the typical debt management process and they decide to litigate, which involves taking you to court.

If a debt collection company litigates, they would instruct a solicitor to write a letter to you which sets out all of the terms of the debt and how you have not complied with them.

Then they would send you a court order (or Money Claim) which would order you to repay the debt in full or explain why you shouldn’t. If you ignore this or can not explain why you do not owe the debt, a County Court Judgment (CCJ) will be granted by a court. Once the court grants a CCJ, the debt agency can instruct bailiffs to collect the money or seize possessions to the value of the money that you owe.

Bailiff visits can be very stressful for a debtor and the entire family. If an enforcement agent arrives at your doorstep, you can ask them to show you their ID through a window and details of the debt they are collecting, so you do not have the answer the door. If you do decide to pay them there and then, make sure the bailiff is legitimate and that you get a receipt for the amount you have repaid.

What rights do Arvato Financial Solutions have?

Arvato have the right to:

  • Send letters to your property or to an address that they believe you may be residing at.
  • Call your phone to ask for repayment. The collectors can call you at multiple times of day from many different numbers. In fact, they may contact you from a line that appears to be in your local area.
  • Send emails to you to ask for repayment.
  • Send text messages about the money you owe.
  • Visit your property (they are not entitled to enter your property without either your permission or a court order).

During this process, you should not feel that the collectors are harassing you. They are also not allowed to discuss your personal financial matters with your friends, family or neighbours.

If you receive a visit from an enforcement officer, then we recommend that you do not let them into your home. If you call a member of our team, we will do our best to guide you and deal with the collectors for you.

Can Arvato take me to court?

If you do not reply to a debt letter from Arvato or other forms of contact such as phone calls and text messages, then they may take court action. This legal action can also happen if you fail to agree on a plan with them to repay your debt.

In this case, they may seek court action to issue a County Court Judgment (CCJ). A CCJ is a court order that forces you to repay your debt in full, or in instalments. If you do not repay the CCJ in full within 30 days, then it is likely to stay on your credit report, and reduce your chances of securing credit, for the next six years.

How do you stop Arvato Financial Solutions?

The only legitimate ways to stop Arvato are:

  • To pay the debt in full with all charges.
  • To negotiate a repayment plan with them.
  • To negotiate a settlement figure with them (typically 90%-100% of the original debt amount).
  • To take out a formal arrangement such as an IVA or bankruptcy. With this method, you would avoid any contact with Arvato, you would need to provide them with a reference number for your IVA, and they would contact your Insolvency Practitioner instead.

To get a reference number to give to Arvato, get in touch with a member of my team or me straight away.

Is legit? appears to now be a dead website, although this may have been their active website in the past. Arvatofs uk may use a multitude of platforms to collect payments; including web, phone, home visits and online portals.

Arvato also collect for British Gas although the arvato British Gas relationship appears to be debt collection only and not property access (via bailiffs). They may also be associated with the platform my-rise afs and rise notification.

Arvato infoscore contact details: 0344 472 9388

Arvato Financial Solutions Frequently Asked Questions

Can I write off my debts with Arvato Financial Solutions?
If your total debt balance is £5,000 or more, then it may be possible to write off some of your debt with an Individual Voluntary Agreement. Your total debt balance can include:

  • Store cards
  • Credit cards
  • Overdrafts
  • Unpaid utility bills
  • Payday loans
  • And any other form of unsecured debt

You can find out more about IVAs at IVA criteria.

Is Arvato a debt collector?

Yes, Arvato Financial Solutions are a debt collection agency, alongside a range of other services that they offer to companies around the world.

How can I contact Arvato Financial Solutions?

Arvato have a dedicated customer portal on their website at To enter this portal, you’ll need two numbers to meet their data protection and privacy policy requirements:

  • Your Arvato client reference number
  • Your Arvato reference number.

Alternatively, you can reach the company in the following ways:

  • Telephone: 0344 571 4075
  • Address: 24 George Square, Glasgow, G2 1EG
  • Or you can fill in a form to request a call on their website at
How can I repay my debt with Arvato Financial Solutions?

If you have received a letter that is demanding a debt payment, then you are welcome to call us at IVA Advice on 0330 1228447, and we will do our best to help you and to deal with the company on your behalf.

Arvato accept the following debt payment methods:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Lump sum debt payment
  • Payment plan (the company will need to consider your proposal for repaying your debt in this way first)

You can see a comprehensive list of payment methods and options when you log into the customer portal.

Can I repay my Arvato payment plan faster to get out of debt?

Yes, if you have agreed a debt repayment plan with Arvato, they allow you to make debt overpayments.

Can I change my debt repayment plan with Arvato?

It may be possible to do this, but you would need to discuss your request with Arvato first. They are likely to be concerned if you want to skip a payment or reduce your monthly payments. You will need to convince them that this is the best route for them to recoup the money that you owe.

How can I make a complaint about Arvato Financial Services?

If you have a complaint relating to debt collection with Arvato UK, then you can contact them via email at You will need to include your debt reference and all the critical information that will enable them to review your account.

Arvato Financial Services are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for their consumer credit and insurance mediation activities. That means if you are dissatisfied with how they have handled your complaint, then you can escalate it to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) who will review the case on your behalf.

How can I contact the Financial Ombudsman Service?

You can contact the FOS through the following methods:

  • By completing the online complaint form at
  • By email at
  • By calling 0800 023 4567
  • By post at The Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange Tower, London, E14 9SR

In order for the FOS to help you, you will need to share all of the key information about why you are dissatisfied with how the business dealt with your debt collection complaint.

What is My RISE com?

Arvato Financial Solutions describe Rise as a ‘secure customer interaction platform’ which makes it easier for clients and companies to interact in a convenient way. You can find out more at

What reputation do Arvato Financial Solutions have?

At the time of writing, Arvato have a bad review of 1.3 out of five on Trustpilot, the independent customer review site. The current reviews talk about Arvato agents chasing debts that did not belong to the parties they were chasing, and not operating with the understanding that the clients expected.

Do Arvato Financial Solutions care about customer needs?

Debt collection companies such as Arvato Financial Solutions, are often most focussed on the profits they earn from their debt collection activities. It is likely that Arvato works hard to keep the businesses happy that it collects debts for. However, the feedback online, such as through Trustpilot, suggests that the debtors the company collects from, are less pleased with the business, especially in cases where they do not have the means to repay their debt.

Who regulates the debt collection activities of Arvato Financial Solutions?

Arvato Financial Solutions Ltd comes under the regulation of the Financial Conduct Authority for the products it touches that are within the scope of the Consumer Credit Act.

It is also a member of the CSA, which operates as a body whose members must follow a strict code of conduct.

What is the nature of Arvatos worldwide business?

Arvato Financial Solutions offer a range of debt collection, identity, security, payment, financing, and credit risk management activities for companies around the world.

Who are Arvato FS?

Arvato Finance Solutions offer a range of services to their clients, including:

  • Debt collection services
  • Identity and fraud management services
  • Payment and financing solutions
  • Credit risk management solutions

They pride themselves on using cutting-edge technology platforms to support their activities for different companies.

Where can I get free debt help?

Millions of people struggle with debt on a daily basis. It can be a frightening business. However, there are a variety of organisations that can help you if you are being chased for money by Arvato Financial Solutions or another debt collection business.

Some of the organisations that can help include:

  • StepChange
  • Citizens Advice Bureau
  • National Debtline
  • Christians Against Poverty

If you visit a website for one of these organisations, you will soon see just how much help there is available to anyone who is facing issues with things related to debt.

At IVA Advice, we also do everything in our power to support those who are facing debt problems. You can see the messages of thanks we have received from people we have helped in the Reviews section of our website menu.

If you feel that your back is against the wall on a debt issue, reach out, and our people will do their very best to help. You can contact us on freephone  0330 1228447.

Who are Bertelsmann Group?

Bertelsmann Group is the name of the firm that owns Arvato Financial Solutions. Alongside Arvator’s debt activities, the group contains a range of other companies including:

  • Penguin Random House, the publishing firm
  • RTL Group, the broadcaster
  • BMG music
  • Bertelsmann Investments
  • Bertelsmann Education Group
  • Gurner +Jahr magazine publishers
Will Arvato ever stop chasing me for this debt?

It’s unlikely that Arvato will forget about your debt because they have sophisticated technology systems to keep track of who owes them money. Even if you pay part of your debt, they are likely to continue to chase you until they recover an amount they are satisfied with.

If you are concerned that you can not afford to pay your debt in full, or even part of your debt, you can contact one of our team of debt experts on 0330 1228447.

Do Arvato collect debt for HMRC?

At the time of writing, Arvato do not collect debt on behalf of HMRC.

Can Arvato send me to prison for my debt?

In the UK, debt agencies are not able to send you to prison just for your debt. However, they can take you to court in an attempt to force you to repay your debt.

Is my debt too old for Arvato to collect?

If you have not communicated about your debt or made a payment within the last six years, then it may be classed as statute barred, which could prevent Arvato from chasing you for the debt. In Scotland, the period is five years. If you think that your debt may be statute barred then it would be best to seek legal advice. Do not ignore debt agencies, even if you believe your debt is no longer valid, as their activity may escalate.

What happens if I ignore Arvato debt collectors?

If you ignore debt collectors, then it is likely that their activity will escalate. The debt collector’s accounts department will use sophisticated technology to monitor all of their debt collecting activities and ensure that you repay. If you do not reply to their messages about your debt or agree to a debt payment plan, they may decide to get a court order so that their bailiffs can seize your possessions.

Don’t let the situation escalate. Instead, contact one of our debt experts on 0330 1228447, and they will do their best to find the right debt option for you.

Can Arvato speak to other people about my debt?

Their privacy policy explains that they can only share your personal data with the following recipients:

  • The client they are collecting your debt for
  • Field agents – the individuals who visit your home to discuss your debt
  • Outsource activity providers – for example, the businesses that print their debt letters and offer the payment solution you use to repay your debt
  • Credit Reference Agencies who store certain information about your debt in your credit report
If I have an IVA, can Arvato chase me for debt?

An IVA is a way of consolidating your debt accounts from various creditors into an affordable monthly payment. If a creditor agrees to an IVA proposal as your means of repaying the debt, then they will deal with your Insolvency Practioner for the duration of your IVA, which is typically five years.

What is a CCJ?

A County Court Judgment is a legal court order for you to repay your debt. If you don’t meet the terms of your CCJ within 30 days, which usually involves paying your debt in full or at least in part, then the CCJ will stay on your credit report for six years. It will likely prevent you from securing other forms of credit in this period.

Will a CCJ impact my credit rating?

Yes, a CCJ will stay on your credit record for six years. The CCJ will make it difficult for you to secure further credit such as credit cards, overdrafts or a mortgage.

Who are IVA Advice?

We are one of the largest debt help websites in the UK. We offer entirely independent support to individuals in financial difficulty. Our team of experts help individuals who are being chased by debt collectors to find the best way forward based on their individual needs. As we do not have ties to any particular provider, we can look across the market to find the best option for you, that sees you repaying the minimum amount.

Call us on freephone 0330 1228447, and we’ll connect you with free, confidential debt advice.

You can see feedback from some of the clients we have helped in the Reviews section.

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