Do you owe money to Court Enforcement Services?

If you have debts of over £5000, you may be able to write off your debt with an IVA

Who are Court Enforcement Services?

Court Enforcement Services are a bailiff company who are authorised by Swansea Civil Justice Centre to collect debts owed to their clients.

Their license was granted on 15/03/2019.

An enforcement agent can visit your home when you do not pay your debts on time. They usually look to collect parking fines, court fines, council tax arrears, CCJ’s and family court judgements.

Important: Do not let Court Enforcement Services into your home, no matter what they tell you. Contact us immediately and we will try to deal with them on your behalf.

Let’s find out more about Court Enforcement Services and how they work…

Will Court Enforcement Services come to my house to collect debts?

Court Enforcement Services may have appointed field agents to make home visits to collect the alleged debt. These visits can be very distressing not only for the person who is the named debtor, but for the entire family. These methods can have a detrimental effect to your mental and physical health, and to the people around you.

These are all very common tactics which Court Enforcement Services use to get in touch with the people who owe them money. Without appointing a debt company to represent you, this may continue.

As a long-established independent debt website, we have a vast experience of dealing with creditors such as Court Enforcement Services. We understand the tactics that they use, and we can work with you to get them to stop.

What rights do Court Enforcement Services have?

Court Enforcement Services are not allowed to force entry into your home. The only time a bailiff can force entry into your home is if they are collecting debts such as:

  • unpaid criminal fines
  • Income Tax
  • Stamp Duty

Forcing entry into a property to collect a debt (listed above) should only ever be used as a last resort.

Will Court Enforcement Services try to enter my home?

CES will no doubt try to access your property. They will do this by trying unlocked doors at any access point to your property. A common tactic is they will knock on your door and when the door opens they will enter the property. But be aware that they are not allowed to push past you, we have reports that this often happens though unfortunately.

They can also use a locksmith to get access to the property.

If you do not allow CES into your home, please remember that this will likely increase the debt amount.

Can Court Enforcement Services remove goods from my home?

CES will remove goods to the value of the debt amount. This usually includes any vehicles which are parked outside the property. I would recommend that if you do have vehicles parked outside the property, you should move them before the bailiffs visit to ensure they are not clamped.

Court Enforcement Services can not take goods which are not the items of the person that owes the money. But this is tricky as it is up to you to prove to them that the item is not yours.

They can also not take any essential items. This includes kitchen appliances or items which are essential for your work.

How do I stop Court Enforcement Services?

The only way to stop Court Enforcement Services by taking action.

To stop a bailiff, you need to seek a formal arrangement. This includes solutions such as an IVA or bankruptcy.

With bailiffs, you should always act quickly to sort the issue as there is a fast escalation process. So get in touch with me or the rest of the team now and let’s take control of your debt situation.

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