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ARP Enforcement are a Enforcement Agents (bailiffs). They collect debts for outstanding council tax debts. They work on behalf of 5 local councils:

  • Breckland District Council
  • East Cambridgeshire District Council
  • Fenland District Council
  • West Suffolk Council
  • East Suffolk District Council
  • South Norfolk District Council
  • Norwich City Council

So let’s find out more about ARP Enforcement and how they work…

Can ARP force entry into my home?

ARP Enforcement are not allowed to force their way into your property. This doesn’t mean that they can’t access your property. They can access your property through ‘reasonable means’. This means that they can enter your house if they are invited in. They can enter the property through a door which has been left unlocked. They can also request a locksmith to grant them access to your priority.

If you do not allow them access to your property, they will add fees on to the debt (see below: ARP Enforcement Fees).

Can ARP Enforcement remove items from my home?

If you are unable or unwilling to pay the debt in full, ARP will look to repossess items from inside and outside your home to pay towards the debt.

They are now allowed to take essential items, such as kitchen appliances or items that you need to do your job.

I would recommend that you move all vehicles from outside your property before an Enforcement Agent arrives, so the vehicle is not repossessed.

Is ARP Enforcement legitimate?

Yes. ARP Enforcement is a legitimate bailiff company based in Thetford.

They are Governed by the Civil Enforcement Association and they have to follow a strict code of practice.

What rights do High Court Bailiffs have?

  • ARP can use ‘reasonable force’ to access your property. This includes calling out a locksmith to gain entry
  • they can repossess vehicles on your property and use the money towards paying off the debt

ARP Enforcement Fees

Stage of processActionFixed FeePercentage fee
(over £1500 only)
ComplianceWriting to inform you of the debt, requesting payment, issuing an enforcement notice.£750%
EnforcementVisiting your home or business premises to take control of goods, including everything involved in identifying, valuing and taking control of your belongings.£2357.5%
SaleRemoving and selling the belongings that were taken control of in the previous stage.£1107.5%

How can I stop ARP Enforcement?

You can stop ARP Enforcement, before items from your household are repossessed but you must act quickly.

If you contact us today and we can agree a solution, we will provide you with a reference number which you can provide to the Enforcement Agent to prove you are seeking independent financial advice.

Do not delay, as these matters are time sensitive.

Jonathan Michaels

Financial Advisor at IVA Advice

I am a CII Advanced Diploma Financial Advisor with over 15 years of experience working with FCA Regulated Finance Companies in the insurance, credit card, loan and debt industry.

I am very familiar with The Civil Enforcement Association and the High Court Enforcement Officers Association and I have written extensively on Financial Services matters.

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