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What are bailiffs?

Bailiffs are people who have been given special powers by the courts to collect debts. They usually arrive at debtors homes or places of business. Usually, if you do not pay bailiffs immediately they will try to repossess household and business items, alongside any vehicles which may be at the property. They will then look to sell these items at auction to use towards the money owed. A County Court Bailiff will collect a wide range of debts including council tax debt (council tax bailiffs), parking fines, CCJ’s and many others.

Our advisors work with a huge number of different court bailiffs throughout the United Kingdom to ensure that our customers avoid repossession and resolve their debt problems quickly and confidentially.

What can bailiffs take?

Bailiffs can take any luxury items. This includes TV’s, consoles, or anything else which isn’t essential for survival. They will also look to repossess vehicles which are at your property.

What can’t bailiffs take?

Bailiffs can not remove essential items.

These include:

  • Clothes
  • Cooking items, such as cookers, microwaves, fridges or freezers
  • Work tools and equipment (with a value of £1350 or under)
  • Other peoples belongings (proof is usually required)

How to stop bailiffs

When bailiffs arrive at your house, you should ask them to show appropriate identification to prove who they are.

To stop bailiffs, you need to have an active debt proposal (such as an IVA or bankruptcy). Contact us immediately for bailiff help, bailiff advice or to find out more about bailiffs rights. Beat the bailiffs!

Bailiffs Rights

Can bailiffs enter your house when you are not there?

Bailiffs can only enter your house when you are not there through an unlocked door, unless is related to a criminal debt.

How many times can a bailiff visit?

A bailiff can visit a property as many times as they think is necessary in order to collect a debt. This should be a reasonable amount, for example once a day.

Do bailiffs work weekends?

Bailiffs often work weekends, they have the authority to enter properties any day of the week between 6am-9pm.

Can a bailiff take my car?

A bailiff will often try to take your car unless it is not parked on your drive, on somebody else’s private land.

Can bailiffs enter my parents house?

If a bailiff has a court order (warrant) to enter the property, then they can enter your parents house.

Can a bailiff refuse a payment plan?

A bailiff can refuse a payment plan if they are instructed to collect the amount in full only. They are agents for the creditor, so it is not in their powers to accept payment plans which do not suit the original lender.

Can bailiffs force entry?

A bailiff can force entry to your property with a relevant court order. This is usually a last resort, it may incur charges (your debt may be increased).

This sometimes happens with council tax arrears bailiffs, when dealing with bailiffs council tax.

Can I pay the council instead of the bailiffs?

When a debt has reached the bailiffs, it is now your responsibility to pay the bailiffs unless you pay the original creditor in full, they can then inform the bailiff that the matter is settled. You would usually have to pay the fees incurred.

What can you do if bailiff only want full payment?

If a bailiff only wants full payment for a debt which is owed, you will either need to clear the payment in full or enter into a formal arrangement which includes the full amount of the total debt (inclusive of charges).

Note: For bailiffs in Scotland, see our Scottish Trust Deed page.

Here is a recent and up-to-date list of high court bailiffs that have approved IVA proposals:

Elliott Davies
Finlays Bureau of Investigation
Swift Credit Services
Bristow & Sutor
Rossendales Ltd
one source
Capita Business Services Ltd
Thoburns Enforcement Services Ltd
Conwy County Berough Council
Marston Group
Benson House
John Pye & Sons
CT Services
Ibis Services
Croydon Council
Regional Collection Services
Kingston Council
Royal Borough Of Kingston
Collect Services
Storm UK LTD
JP Dawkins
The Business Centre
Equita Ltd
Rundle & Co Ltd
Excel Civil Enforcement Ltd
Parkinson Bailiff Services Ltd
Chandlers Limited
SB Services
Crystal Collections ltd
Ross & Roberts
Andrew Wilson & Co
Andrew Wilson Enforcement
Alexander`s Commercial Services Ltd
Dorman and Co
Fourboys Limited T/AS Hatwel
Phoenix Commercial Collections Ltd
Newlyn plc
Penham Excel
Whyte & Co
Wigan Council
Paul Williamson
JBW Group Ltd
Marston Holdings
Direct Collections Ltd
London Warrant Enforcement Ltd
Dukes Bailiffs Ltd
Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council
B & S Bailiff Services Ltd
Change Finance
High Court Enforcement Group Ltd
Charles W Harrison & Son
Stanford & Green Ltd
Reventus Ltd
Luke Morley Ltd
Rivington Associates Ltd
Andrew James Enforcement Ltd
GRC Legal Services Ltd
Bramshall Bailiffs
Howes Bailiffs Ltd
GJ Wisdom Associates
Burlington Credit Limited
Burlington Credit Ltd
coverdale k9 security services ltd
Brighton and Hove City Council
Cowgill Holloway Chartered Accountants
Postbridge Ltd
Task Enforcement
MS Webb & Co
C & M Recoveries
DG Collection Services Ltd
County Bailiff Company
Looprevil Ltd
First Enforcement Ltd
Bob Upton Ltd
Filron Enforcement Services Ltd
JTR Collections Ltd
Marshall Hoares Bailiffs Ltd
JS Collections Ltd
K&I Enforcement Ltd
GLA Enforcement Solutions Ltd
LRAM Limited
Millbank Recovery Ltd
The Sheriffs Office
Confero Collections Ltd
Enforcement Bailiffs Ltd
Gills Collection Unit
Commercial Enforcements Ltd
Able Investigations (UK) Ltd
Global Enforcement Solutions
Morgan Sheldon Limited
Direct Collection Bailiffs Ltd
Bond Street Consultants Limited
Proserve Debt Recovery & Bailiff Service Ltd
ARP Enforcement
Celtic Recovery Solutions LTD
JW Enforcement LTD
Davies Enforcement Ltd
YLR North Ltd
JPC Asset Management Ltd
Constant & Co
TDI Serco Ltd
Mistoria House
UK Enforcement Services Ltd
Gallowglass Security Partners LLP
Proserve Enforcement Agency
Military Precision Solutions
RH Enforcement Sevices Ltd
Hambury Tilmond Ltd
Bryan Lecoche Ltd
Grencar Ltd
Able Investigations & Enforcement Services
RDT Services UK Ltd
P Jones Collections Ltd
Direct Commercial Collections Ltd
Albert Chambers
K & A Collections
Mec security
Rosan & Company
South Cambridgeshire District Council
Strikes Bailiffs Ltd
Court Enforcement Services
Wayne Mitchell Associates
Wolf Enfocement Ltd
County Enforcement Group
Mitre Solutions
Cardiff Council
Court Enforcement Solutions Ltd
Francisco Collections Ltd
Causeway Reach Services LTD
Philips Collection Services Ltd
MF Bailiff Co Ltd
Burnard Accountants Ltd
Barnwell Recoveries Ltd
Steve Dent Recovery Limited
North West Enforcement Ltd
Harvey Homerton LTD
Revive Asset Ltd
CJL Debt Recovery Ltd
Chardel Limited
Liquid Collections Ltd
Stealt Security & Investigations
Shield Debt Solutons Ltd
Curless & Co
Fortis Services LTD
BB Enterprises
High Court Enforcement Services LTD
Cotswold District Council
Hinsco Ltd
Burlington Group Ltd
Hartlepool Borough Council
Collect My Debt Ltd T/A CMD Enforcements
Asset Finance & Recovery LTD
B and M Recovery Limited
Direct Bailiff Services Ltd
Nautilus Management Solutions
Metro Enforcement LTD
Empire Recovery Services Ltd
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Magnum Enforcement Ltd
Flying Horse Enforcement
Jag Enforcement LTD
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Cumbria Bailiffs Limited
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A.N.H. Recoveries Ltd
CJW Services LTD
Barabbas limited
Alamo Legal Enforcement Service LTd
NB Collar limited
Rutherford Bailiffs and Collection Services ltd
Stockton On Tees Borough Council
Absolute Enforcement Limited
PM Enforcement Ltd
A5G Limited
Ozer Enforcement Limited
Mid Kent Enforcement Services
Inerta Services Limited
Officium Coactor Liberalis
CJL Enforcement Solutions LTD
James Warren.
AFSolution (north East) Limited
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OneSource Enforcement
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