IVAs – Your Route To Debt Freedom

Think it’s impossible to:

  • Stop creditors calling?
  • Keep your home and possessions?
  • Be debt-free?

Think again.

An IVA could give you your life back and pave the way to a happier debt-free future for you and your family.

Just think, no more:

  • Nasty phoncalls from creditors
  • Borrowing money from friends and family
  • Scrimping on cheap foods at the supermarket
  • Payday loans you have to keep rolling over
  • Dreading bills because you know you can’t pay
  • Running out of money within days of being paid
  • Having your cards declined at the till
  • Paying hefty charges for being a few pence overdrawn.
  • Pretending everything is ok when it’s not!

"The real low point before my IVA was having my card declined at the supermarket. I had the kids with me and a full trolley of shopping all packed up in bags. I ran out of there dragging the kids behind me and I’ve never gone back. " More testimonials here
Mrs Karen Collete, awarded an IVA in 2011.



How Does An IVA Work?

It’s very simple. All you do is make one affordable monthly payment to a qualified legal professional, who in turn distributes the payments according to the amounts previously agreed by your creditors in an IVA proposal. You do this every month, for 60 months, and at the end of the term any debt balances you still owe are written off. You don’t have to deal with nasty creditors any more, and all the hard work is done for you. More on how it works here.

Could You Apply For An IVA?

You could be accepted for an IVA if you answer yes to these four simple criteria:

  • £10,000 or more in debt
  • Have 2 or more creditors
  • Are employed or self employed
  • Have a surplus of income of around £125 before you pay your debts each month

Could I Apply Online Today?

Absolutely, and getting the ball rolling is easy. All you have to do is call one of our experienced and friendly IVA Advisers on 0800 987 5337 or fill out the form above to apply for an IVA. They will go through all of your options and tell you straight away whether an IVA might be the right step.


Do I Qualify For IVA?

Answer a few simple questions on the form above and our system will see if you qualify to write off up to 70% of what you cannot afford to repay.

Do I Qualify?

Totally Debt Free In 5 Years!

An IVA will last for 5 years meaning you will be back on your feet with your finances faster!.

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